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Friendship crosses time and space

Jungle Beat 2 The Past is Sandcastle Studios' dino-sized sequel to Jungle Beat: The Movie, due for release in 2023. One morning Munki and Trunk wake up to discover a stegosaurus in their jungle! It accidentally fell through a time-hole thanks to their friend, Fneep the alien. In trying to return the dinosaur to his prehistoric home, Trunk falls into the time-hole and ends up stuck in the distant past! Meanwhile in the present, history is changing, and not for the better! But Munki and Trunk aren’t going to let little things like time and space come between them. Working together across time along with Trunk’s new dinosaur friends, they put history back on track and teach Fneep's cave-alien ancestors that their clubs are no match for the friendly rhythm of the jungle!

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Jungle Beat 2 The Past Logo
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