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A homesick alien crash-lands his spaceship in the colourful African jungle. His new animal friends need to get him back to his ship and teach him about friendship and fun before his planet-conquering father can take over their home. Packed with heart-warming moments, and hilarious antics, Jungle Beat: The Movie takes audiences on a journey filled with laughter, excitement, and a reminder that extraordinary friendships can be found in the most unexpected places.

Jungle Beat  featured at the world’s premiere animation festival: Annecy International Animation Festival.  The movie has been distributed as a Netflix Original in most territories globally.  Sandcastle financed and produced the movie, having licensed the feature rights from Jungle Beat Animation Limited.

Although production began in 2018, its themes of friendship, love and togetherness ended up being incredibly timeous when released in 2020 during a global pandemic. The closing credits song “Together in This” written by Grammy Award winning songwriter Jonas Myrin and performed by the supremely talented Natasha Bedingfield was poignant and hopeful at a unique moment in human history.

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