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What We Do

Film Production 

Sandcastle Studios develops and produces premium quality movies from the earliest conceptual state through to final delivery, working with a global network of world-class professionals and service partners.

Film Finance and Professional
Sandcastle Studios has developed strong and flexible finance models, accessing both private and institutional capital. We have developed an excellent understanding of the specific needs of film producers and the preferences of media investors, and are able to structure film deals that create the best possible alignment for all parties.
Sandcastle Studios' expertise include dealing with incentives, legal functions, insurance requirements and financial management, all specific to the film industry.



The global film distribution industry has become increasingly nuanced and dynamic, as various streaming models have developed and audiences have continued to move towards digitally delivered home entertainment.  At the same time, events and cinema remain important (albeit disrupted) elements of awareness and distribution, and each film project requires agility, innovation and a bespoke approach.
Sandcastle Studios has successfully worked with major platforms including Netflix, independent film distributors, niche streaming platforms and theatrical distributors.  We have experience with global distribution deals as well as  territory-by-territory approaches, and our team stay at the cutting edge of distribution technology and trends. 

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